Reversing the Signs of Aging by Addressing the Eyes

Growing older is something everyone should embrace. However, there is no reason why a person has to look their age. Those who are interested in reversing the signs of aging should consider taking a look at their eyes. Many fine lines and wrinkles actually begin in this area, and addressing them can make a person look years younger.

Understanding Wrinkles

As a person ages, their body begins to change both inside and out. Skin becomes less elastic and begins to sag. Fine lines begin to form, which may later turn into deep wrinkles. The number one cause of this is the reduction of collagen produced by the body.

Everyone faces a degree of sagging skin as they grow older. It’s very common to notice the first signs of aging around the eyes. Drooping eyelids may make someone appear tired or sad. Crow’s feet may cause a person to look several years older than they actually are.

Reversing Aging Eyes

Cosmetic procedures make it possible to remove excess fatty tissue and tighten loose skin around the eyes. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can be used on both the upper and lower eyelids to reverse the signs of aging.

During eyelid surgery, both loose skin and extra fat are surgically removed from the eyelids. This procedure is also commonly performed on patients who are experiencing blocked vision due to hooded eyelids. A laser is used to tighten the surrounding skin, making the surface look smooth.

After Surgery

Once the surgery is complete, patients may experience redness or soreness around one or both eyes. Bruising and swelling are also very common. However, these symptoms are short-lived and should vanish as the skin around the eyes begins to heal.

Eyelid surgery is known in the cosmetic surgery world as being a face-lift for the eyes. It’s astonishing to see how drastically a person’s appearance can improve following a single procedure. Not only do patients notice an improvement in the firmness of their skin, but many find their line-of-vision also improves.

Only a licensed cosmetic surgeon should perform eyelid surgery. The procedure comes with its own risks, which should be discussed with the patient beforehand. However, the long-lasting results of the procedure often outweigh the risk. When it comes to turning back the hands of time, be sure to start with the eyes.